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Are You Making Yourself Visible?

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment

I promised to talk about visibility. I am also thinking that this is going to start shifting more towards a video blog (VLOG) because I am much more comfortable doing videos. Any thoughts? Do you like my writing better than my videos? Are my videos awful? I appreciate all the feedback. Either way, here is the link to the newest post about visibility.

Happy Friday!

Happy Networking!


Some Say Resumes Are Dying, I Say They Are Already Dead

February 6, 2012 3 comments

Networking is useful for more than just gaining new business through referrals. Networking is not only useful, but now is essential to landing a job. I read an article the other day on LinkedIn outlining the two biggest mistakes that people make when trying to get a job.

The two mistakes were; 1. Failing to  create the perfect resume and 2. Failing to appear professional.

While I think number 2 is 100% true and that it is downright embarrassing when people don’t put their best foot forward when it comes to job searching. I want to focus on number 1.  Read more…

Do you need an edge in social media?

January 31, 2012 1 comment

Do you need an edge in this?

If you are one of the many American’s suffering from SSMD (sucky social media disorder) I know someone who can help! On this blog I talk about networking. Typically it is in the face-to-face fashion, however it is extremely important to build your social networks and to use the internet as a vital tool to help you build your personal brand, business brand or to help you add depth to your relationships. Because of that- I highly recommend following @theKenCook to help you out! Check out his blog here;

Social Media Edge.

Happy networking!